Thursday, March 10, 2016

Option Analysis

Date: 10-Mar-2016
Yesterday Nifty Closed at 7531 after making a low of 7424.
7500 is an important round figure, If it remains above this figure it will try to go for 7750 - 7800. Put writers are betting big on 7500 level, twice as much as Call writers  bet at 7500.
7300 on low side and 7800 on the higher side is what Nifty will remain for the moment.
If market surprises the bulls then we may get to see 7350 else 7800 is most likely the next target for Nifty

Yes Bank: Yesterday it closed at 790. Option data seems to show activity in 840 and  740-760 level. If it crosses 800 comfortably, it may target 845-849 in near term.
on the low side 750 level will form support.