Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pre-Open Filter 17-Sep-2013

In this project we will work on picking stocks for day trading based on pre-open data available at 9:10 am from NSE website.
The list of stocks are marked in RED box in today's pre-open session.

EOD prices of the above stocks

Out of the 10 stocks selected for day-trading, only 2 stocks remained within a tight range, other 8 stocks gave a unidirectional breakout either on the upside/downside.

Friday, September 13, 2013

BHEL Analysis

BHEL may correct upto 125-120 in the coming sessions. PUT Option traders are seen unwinding their short positions with highest open interest reduction at 125 strike, indicating that the stock may correct upto 125 - 120 levels. Look for opportunity to short this stock at 135-138. Keeping stoploss of 141.10 for a target of 121.50

FII data analysis for 13-Sep-2013

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

IDFC option data analysis

Option activity at 90 strike has seen  unwinding of open interest with highest trading volms. This may be viewed as CALL writers are closing their short positions at 90 strike. We can see highest additions of Open Interest on both CALL & PUT side at 80 strike this means IDFC is likely  to spend more time between 75-85 levels.

IDFC may give upside breakout if it closes above 81 for a target of 85-89-94-99. There is a gap to be filled between 90 & 94 so expecting it to bounce if overall market remains positive.