Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Trade # 2 for 4-Sep-2018


Another stock to watch is SMS Pharmaceuticals Limited

Looking at the price and volume pattern it looks like many have got attracted to this stock. It seems to be fresh in terms on volume play.
People who missed out will try to enter.

The stock has touched a high of 91.50 yesterday 

Quick intraday strategy trade would be :
Buy above 91.55 for target of Rs. 5/- 10/- from the days low or VWAP.
expect the stock to reach 99 if it breaks above 91.50 

For short term bet the best buy is around 76-81 for target of 99-119. 
Stop loss would be at 70

Warm Regards,
Lawrence Sequeira

Trades for 4-Sep-2018


Network18 Media & Investments Limited 
(in Lakhs)

Stock seems to have given a good bounce with volumes from 43-47 level and it may try to go higher upto its 52 week high of 64.10 made on 15-Jan-18.

Its VWAP on 3rd Sept was 52.89

Trading levels for NETWORK18 :
If the stock opens anywhere between 53 and 54.80
Immediate first trade would be Buy at 55 and Sell 50% qty at 57.4
Sell the rest at / near 59.80-62.3

If the stock opens higher than 54.80
Wait and watch for Buy at 55.10 and Sell 100% qty at 55.80

Warm Regards,
Lawrence Sequeira