Thursday, January 29, 2015

Trading plan for 29-Jan-15

29-jan-15... today is F&O expiry, will have to trade with caution.

If nifty is weak then,

idfc short below 174, tgt 168-166-156, sl 185

tata motors short in 592-597, tgt 584-582-576-551, sl 600

sesa seems bearish at the moment near 204-206 zone for downside tgt of 196-191

If nifty is bullish then,

trade pnb, if it remains above 201 it may bounce back to 206-209-214. trade carefully
between 206-211 range

Friday, January 23, 2015

My trading plan for 23-Jan-2015

IBR REAL ESTATE good to buy near 70 target 74/79
CROMPTON looks bullish, can buy between 187 & 192 for target 195/197
TV18 BROADCAST look to short between 34.90 - 36 for downside target of 34-32
SESA STERLITE short only if it becomes weak near 204-206 downside target 201-196
EXIDE has made a new 52 week high of  193.9 yesterday, if it turns near 193.8 and goes below yesterdays close of 192.05 then short it for downside target of 189-188
DLF bullish, try to buy near 145-147 for target 153-154

Monday, January 19, 2015

Stocks to watch in the week of 19th Jan, 2015

I will be trading these stocks:
HINDALCO: Best buy at 130-134 for near term target of 159-164
SESA STERLITE: Best buy between 186-191 for near term target of 219, 224, 229,234 & 239
JP POWER: Best at 12.10 for target of 19 & 24

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Date: 15-Jan-15

My views on HUL & ASIAN PAINTS:

HUL: current mkt price is 930, it may go upto 949-974-999 and then start correcting. if you are long then look for opportunity to book profit and exit it near those price levels.
the stock is likely to spend sometime there and then it may correct and come down to 830-850.
January range for HUL is 830 to 1000. February range is not clear.

ASIAN PAINTS: current mkt price is 842, it is likely to repeat the story of HUL....we may see it reach 950/1000 soon. Option data looks good for more upside in January. Every dip can be seen as buying opportunity. Best buying is at 750/800 range best selling is at 950/1000 range

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Trading plan for 13-Jan-15

SBI, looking to go long. I will wait for it to come near 304.90 and go long for a target of 309. Stop loss will be 301

ICICI, long again @ 344 target 349, stop loss @ 340

RCOM, will watch for going long at/near 77.6 target 79/81, stop loss 75

GVK Power looks good for 1 year. Potential upside is 60% to 90%

Friday, January 9, 2015

Be with the best, forget the rest !!!

If I were a Fund Manager of a Mutual Fund House....How would I trade? Big question !!!
How much corpus would I get to trade? Maybe 5 crs
Which stocks would I trade? Well, to be frank, this is a challenge by itself. First thought that comes to my mind is, I would trade highly liquid stocks that are in news. Which means I look at only the LIX-15 index stocks.
LIX-15 index contains 15 highly stocks. It has average turnover of Rs. 1200+ crs daily.
That means 1200/15 = 80 crs is the average traded value of each stock.

Within this basket I would ignore those stocks which fall below the average turnover i.e. below 80 crs.

From the above list, 6 stocks fall below the average turnover. These can be ignored. From the remaining 9 we now take the top 3 and trade only those


While Turnover is one aspect of looking at market cap, Volume also plays an important role....

(to be continued)