Friday, September 19, 2014

Stocks to watch for 19-Sep-14

BULLISH STOCKS for next 4-5 trading sessions:
REC, cmp 269.4, buy near 263-268 for upside target of 279-284-289-294, keep stop loss at 260
JPASSOCIATES, cmp 35.25, buy near 31-34 for upside target of 37.4-39-44-49, keep stop loss at 30
IOC, cmp 378.1, buy near 376-372 for upside target of 389-399, keep stop loss at 364

RELIANCE, cmp 988, looks like it will bounce back to 1024-1049, but be careful, trade with strict stoploss of 15 points from entry price.

Please note the above prices are for cash market only, next week is F&O expiry. Trade with extra caution.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Stocks to watch for 16-Sep-2014

BHEL seems a good buy at current level 217-220 for upside target of 239 keep stop loss at 210

GODREJ INDUSTRIES is likely to see more supply coming in 354-367 area and may correct upto 335-331 in near term. Do not enter long, look for shorting opportunities near the supply zone. GODREJ INDUSTRIES Stocks holders can write covered calls at 360 strike trading around 5 till expiry. expected returns 7% (approx) in 10 days.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stocks for 03-Sep-14

1. ANDHRABANK (buy between 62-72 for upside target of 89-94-99-109, keep stop loss of 60)

1. ARVIND (watch 295-305 level for shorting opportunity, stock may correct upto 275-255)