Thursday, January 15, 2015


Date: 15-Jan-15

My views on HUL & ASIAN PAINTS:

HUL: current mkt price is 930, it may go upto 949-974-999 and then start correcting. if you are long then look for opportunity to book profit and exit it near those price levels.
the stock is likely to spend sometime there and then it may correct and come down to 830-850.
January range for HUL is 830 to 1000. February range is not clear.

ASIAN PAINTS: current mkt price is 842, it is likely to repeat the story of HUL....we may see it reach 950/1000 soon. Option data looks good for more upside in January. Every dip can be seen as buying opportunity. Best buying is at 750/800 range best selling is at 950/1000 range